Crow’s Feet


Crow’s feet develop due to the long term contraction of the Orbicularis muscle which surrounds the eye. The Crow’s feet lines develop at 90 degrees to the muscle and are visible when we smile.

Most of us get crow’s feet eventually, but many people feel that these wrinkles make them look older than they really are. Muscle relaxants are  used to soften crow’s feet, rejuvenating the appearance of the eye area.

Muscle relaxants soften existing lines around the eyes and can also prevent new ones from forming by preventing repeated muscle movements. A good tip is to wear large sunglasses whilst in the sunshine, this prevents wrinkles from reforming!

Typical injections would be 3-4 points around each outer eye area. Treatment of this area lasts 3-4 months usually, sometimes up to 6 months.

There is no recovery period required, and rarely bruising. For these reasons, crow’s feet injections have become a popular treatment for patients seeking a fast solution with little downtime. After the injections, patients can leave the office and usually return to normal activities.






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