Double chin


What’s the fuss all about ?

The Australian launch for this revolutionary new product was on the 18th of Feb 2017. The injection has been extensively used across the world over recent years and is now here in Australia! Previous methods to treat the double chin or turkey neck have only ever been surgical liposuction however this is very invasive, requires time off work and can lead to uneven results.

Dr Holly attended the Australian launch of the product and was one of the first clinicians trained to perform the procedure across the country.

This treatment is completely non-surgical (no time off work needed!), permanent, (re-treatment not expected) and customised to every individual for a tailored result; to produce the perfect contoured profile for your face, neck and chin. What’s not to like !!

This new injection can sculpt and contour your neck like nothing else!


What is this new injection?

This new fat dissolving injection is known as Kybella in the USA but known as a slightly different name here in Australia. The law stipulates its name cannot be used in advertising as it’s a prescription medication. The injection by Allergan Pharmaceuticals uses Deoxycholic acid (DCA) which occurs naturally in the body, or more specifically in your bile (from your liver); where it helps to break down dietary fat.


Where can the injection be used?

The injection solution has been extensively studied and it’s been 9 years in the making. It is approved by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) here in Australia to treat and eliminate sub-mental fat (double chin) to chisel the jawline and sculpt the neck. Allergan are looking into using this product in other parts of the body but this hasn’t been studied as yet.


How is it a permanent solution ?

After puberty the number of fat cells in our body remain unchanged, as such any increase in weight results in the existing fat cells increasing in size rather than number. The fat cells in the double chin area are destroyed after the injection by a process called Adipocytolysis, which means the fat cells are broken down & eliminated; so they can never ‘re-inflate’ again.


How effective is it ? is a great resource for patients. The ‘worth it rating’ for this procedure scores an 86% rating which is really encouraging. In addition this site is a great resource for before and after pictures of patients that have completed the treatment to remove their double chin.


Are there any before & after photos?

I will be showcasing my own photos very soon, in addition I will be able to show you photos from patients’ in the USA during our consultation . You can also check out real patients before/afters at to see the amazing results.


Is there a video of the treatment ?

Here is a video of a Doctor performing a kybella injection in America:


Dr Holly herself has always disliked the pocket of fat under her chin. She is having the treatment performed by one of her colleagues in forthcoming weeks. She will be posting weekly updates on her facebook page to show you how she is progressing as the injections take effect!!!!


Any advantages over cool sculpt?

The biggest advantage that the injection has over ‘freezing’ options such as cool sculpt is that it’s permanent. In addition, the process stimulates fibrinoblasts and collagen resulting in skin tightening to further enhance the chin and jaw line.


Who is suitable for the procedure?

“If you can pinch it, you can ditch it !!”

The ideal patient has a moderate to severe amount of fat pinchable under their chin. During the free consult Dr Holly will assess whether the area is amenable to treatment and if you are a good candidate. Obviously if you have zero fat under your chin then you are not a candidate !

There are many reasons why a double chin may be prominent; these include our genetics, large muscular mass, big lymph nodes or a large amount of skin laxity.


What does the treatment involve?

Several tiny injections (approximately 20) are given just under the chin area and that’s it! This procedure can be performed during lunch time for people on the go and no down time needed!

The injections may be stingy and sometimes heat can be felt (feels like a sunburn in that area). Ice packs are applied before, during and after the procedure so the patient is as comfortable as possible. Most patients report a 4/10 pain scale during the first few minutes of this treatment, which seems to decrease with subsequent sessions.


What happens afterwards:

  • Patients should wait in the clinic for about 10-15 minutes applying ice packs. Otherwise the patient can go back to work or back home!
  • Swelling to the injected area will be common and can last a few days. Patients report that they can still go about their normal daily lives.
  • Bruising around the neck area can occur & last a few days.
  • Other sensations you may be able to feel are hardness or lumpiness, tenderness or altered skin sensation. These may last from a couple of days to a few weeks.
  • These reported side effects seem to decrease with subsequent treatments


Is there anyone who shouldn’t have it ?

Like most medical injectable treatments, this solution has not been tested on pregnant ladies or ladies who are breast feeding therefore it is not recommended for this particular group. If a patient has NO fat under their chin then the procedure isn’t for them! If there is an active skin infection around the treatment area then the treatment needs to be postponed until this has resolved.


What are the risks?

There is a small risk of injecting close to a nerve which can lead to the nerve misfiring, resulting in a weakening of the smile and trouble swallowing. It’s important to remember this is not permanent and is very rare (2% of treatments) but the anatomy of the nerves in this area varies from person to person.


How many treatments do I need?

There is a minimum of two treatments. Some people may need 3 or 4 (occasionally up to 6). This depends on the outcome after each treatment, how the individual responds and how much fat we need to target in the double chin area.


Will I see results straight away?

No . It will take 6 weeks to see any results and there will be a gradual change in appearance during this time.


How long does the treatment take?

In total you will be with Dr Holly for 30 minutes. The consultation and the skin mapping of the injection sites takes the longest time, and the injecting itself only takes around 5-10 minutes (with ice packing inbetween!) Remember Dr Holly offers free consults to discuss the whole experience.


Is it safe?

The fat dissolving injection is Allergan’s new baby: it’s been 9 years in the making, extensively studied, and has a 5 year long term study data. In addition its been used on thousands of patients overseas before being launched into Australia. It has an acceptable side effect profile and is the the first and only TGA approved non surgical treatment that contours and improves the appearance of the double chin.


Will it alter my face or expressions?  

You will still be able to move your muscles in that area and it will not alter the way you speak, smile or eat. Although its likely you’ll be smiling a whole lot more after we eliminate that double chin!!


What is the cost?

The number of vials used in one treatment depends on the surface area of the treatment zone. This will be discussed during the consultation as everyone is different!

The injectable treatment comes in vials. For your first treatment one vial will cost $699 (inc GST). For follow up treatments the cost of each vial will decrease to $669 (inc GST).

The common treatment journey will likely consist of 2-4 treatments (sometimes up to 6) , 6 weeks apart. During each treatment a patient will generally use 2-3 vials at one time. As such, the more vials we use for each treatment, the more expensive the cost. For example a common scenario: first treatment: 2 vials used $1398, wait 6 weeks then 2nd treatment: 2 vials used $1338.


How do I book an appointment to discuss this further or receive treatment ?

Dr Holly offers free consultations to discuss this further so either phone, text or message her to book in so you can ‘ love the chin you’re in……

Dr Holly



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