Jaw Narrowing


Muscle relaxant injections (anti wrinkle injections) can be given to the Masseter muscle each side of your jaw area. These injections reduce the bulkiness of this strong muscle and create a more softer feminine shaped jaw and face (Jaw Narrowing).

This is also a method to treat patients who suffer from Bruxism, also known as teeth grinding; a condition where a patient gnashes or grinds their teeth frequently which can lead to early loss of tooth enamel.

This non surgical procedure is commonly performed by cosmetic physicians and can have amazing outcome which can change a patient’s whole facial shape. Dr Holly herself had her masseters reduced with injectables back in May 2016 and just loves the natural effect.

Jaw narrowing treatment normally takes 2-4 weeks to take an effect and can last several months. Doses can vary depending on the strength of the muscle; a start off dose for Bruxism would be 10 units of product for each side. Sometimes patients require 30 units of product each side.

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As a qualified Doctor and Cosmetic Physician, Dr Holly understands the anatomy behind the ageing process.

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Dr Holly
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