Lip Fillers

This isn’t just for the young ones!

Giving dermal fillers and volume to the upper lip not only enhances the lip but can actually give structure to that part of the peri-oral area and reduce the appearance of the fine lines around the lips (sometimes called smokers lines)

Lip filler is a non invasive / non-surgical treatment that is really satisfying for the more mature lady with some excellent results.

Dermal fillers around the lip or mouth area can last anywhere from 6-12 months.

When enhancing a lip, the golden ratio should always be followed in Caucasians ….. top lip should roughly measure 1/3, and the bottom lip 2/3, or to be more exact 1: 1.6 ratio as shown in the diagram.

Anaesthesia is generally required as lip injections may be sensitive ….. Dr Holly will apply an anaesthetic gel or cream as well as ice immediately prior to the procedure. Dr Holly can also give local anaesthetic dental blocks if necessary.

Lips treated with filler should always be subtle and natural and shouldn’t dominate the whole face !







Dr Holly

Why Choose Dr Holly for your Cosmetic Injectables?

As a qualified Doctor and Cosmetic Physician, Dr Holly understands the anatomy behind the ageing process.

As a female in her 30’s Dr Holly understands that confidence comes from having your skin looks its best. Let her tailor non surgical treatment solutions (anti wrinkle injections and dermal fillers) that will help you achieve your goals.

Making the decision to select cosmetic injectables for the first time can be daunting. Dr Holly prides herself on taking the time to discuss all Injectable options, provide you with thorough education and answer any concerns that you may have.

Dr HollyDr Holly
Dr Holly