Skin Care


About Aspect Dr

Aspect Dr is an Australian owned skincare company that formulates Physician only clinical skincare products and peels tailored to support the skin and address all skin conditions and concerns. Aspect Dr is a new direction in active, clinical grade skincare, formulated to include gold standard ingredients with proven anti-ageing qualities but without trauma or downtime caused by the inclusion of irritant, toxic or harmful ingredients.

The range is:

  • Formulated with the highest concentrations of pure naturally-derived botanicals and high octane cosmeceutical correctives.
  • Formulated with certified organic non-genetically modified ingredients wherever possible.
  • Chirally correct and optically pure actives for maximum clinical results without unnecessary irritation or trauma.
  • Free of propylene glycol.
  • Free of mineral oils
  • Free of parabens and other harsh preservative systems.
  • Free of artificial fragrances.
  • Free of animal derived ingredients.
  • Never tested on animals only people


Why has Dr Holly chosen to only stock the Aspect Dr Skin care range?

“In order to select the best range of medical grade skin care products i have trialled a number of ranges over the past year and quickly came to the conclusion that the Aspect Dr range was a clear winner!!

I myself have always had problematic skin and since moving to sunny Australia its gotten even worse 🙂 Since using the Aspect Dr regime my skin is constantly hydrated, moisturised, glowing and definitely brighter. But its not just the immediate improvement, i’m also noticing less spots and fine lines. In fact I’m getting getting positive comments all the time from friends and family!

As a Doctor my number one rule is ‘do no harm’ so it was comforting to learn that they don’t use harmful ingredients in their products. You’ll find no parabens, formaldehyde, sodium lauryl sulfate, propylene glycol, mineral oils, petroleum, artificial colours and fragrances in any of their formulas, and they are never tested on animals” Dr Holly


What are Medical grade skin care products?

There are many differences between over-the-counter skin care and medical-grade skin care. A medical professional is the only person that can recommend and prescribe medical-grade skincare products for you.  They typically contain higher concentrations of active ingredients, and thereby give better results than other products. Over-the-counter products usually have a restriction on their ingredients and pH levels which medical-grade skin care does not have. In addition, supermarket and department store products typically sit on the surface of the skin, providing hydration but not much else. They feel good and usually smell good too, but the artificial fragrances present in these products can often be responsible for sensitising the skin.


Where can you Purchase Aspect Dr products?

As the Aspect Dr range is medical grade you just need to pop into Dr Holly’s clinic in Miranda to purchase any of our skin care products. Feel free to give us a call on 0401 577 827 if you have any questions.